Ashampoo Core Tuner 2

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Distribute Power of Whole Computer as Needed

You could not spend much time on doing much more things on computer at the same time. With the help of Ashampoo Core Turner 2, the tasks will be finished one by one quickly, and all processor power of computer will be distributed usefully.

  • Setting the Computer Power for Processes
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Abundant Features

Manage Core and Priorities with Ease

When you have more than two tasks running on computer, it will take you too much time and energy to finish them on computer. But, Ashampoo Core Turner 2, which make the speed of computer like upgrading 8 core processors or even more fast, is good at putting them in order.

Manage Your Own Profiles with Various Function

Give users the most highest guarantee, no matter what you want to do including closing the browsers, running or stopping the opened services and terminating the operating processes automatically under the help of this software.

Optimized the Running Processes of Apps

How about improving the running time of your various applications to save your precious time? Of course, why not! Distribute the computer power for every opened program effectively to optimize computer system breezily.

The Executable Files on Computer

Manage the Resources of Computer

Further Supplementary

The single process of the running application could be optimized manually as well as fully-automatic.

When you open the software on computer, all conditions of programs will be shown directly, and you will get a clear overview of assigning capacity of your system.

You are supported to check the information of the ratings and adjust the services at will.

Just few clicks to use the profiles immediately.

The individual profiles can be easily created by the advances users.

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