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All-in-one region-free DVD player designed to play any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies, CD and videos, and record DVD movies freely.

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What BlazeDVD Can Do for You

BlazeDVD is a region-free and all-in-one media player for not only DVD, but also Video CD, Audio CD and other media files. It can deliver crystal clear picture, strong Dolby Stereo effect and smooth action. Besides, it can immediately unlock any any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies and play it fluently; you can also record DVD movies to your hard drive for backup.

A bunch of advanced features make BlazeDVD a perfect selection for your DVD life:

· Fluently play DVD/VCD/SVCD/CD/DV/WebCam

· Support various video formats like WMV, AVI, MPEG, VOB, DTS, SD (standard-definition), HD (high-definition) videos, etc.

· All DVD movies released in countries of region 1-6 can be fully supported

· Live record any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies and save the recording files onto hard drive.

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· Play pictures as slideshow fluently for better enjoyment

· Standard Parent Control feature helps protect children from violent or blue movies

· Be able to expand 2-channel audio to up to 5.1-channel audio to bring powerful surround-sound effect with Dolby AC3

· Capture still image when playing DVD to keep exciting moment

· 32 different subtitles are supported

· Auto Resume Play resumes movie playback from the point you stopped last time

· Picture in Picture feature allows you to watch two different movies at the same time

· Intelligent bookmark can note down the exact time and remember to resume the movie from that point next time

· A-B Point Repeat Playback feature enables you to play the highlights of movies again and again

· Inbuilt video converter converts the recorded files into MPEG, PSP MP4, ASF, AVI, RMVB, etc.

· Various audio tracks including AC-3, Dolby Pro Logic II, Hi-Fi Audio, Dolby 5.1 or Dolby 7.1 channel are available to get optimal audio effect

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