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One of the best Split image softwares

Image Cut is designed for professional Web masters who need to make high-quality HTML templates and site design by the fastest way with ease for splitting image into rectangular segment.

  • Slicing Complex Site Template
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Why Choose Image Cut Software

Salient Features

The Image Cut can split image into many parts but not only for as a simple grid through all image area, and each of the split parts of the image can be saved as JPEG, BMP, PNG or GIF files. You can split the images according to your requirements and to prevent theft of images from your website. What's more, the parts of the image also cab be combined for one.

The software will not only help in creating some of the most amazing looking websites but will be able to provide you with quality websites in the least possible time. The site which be used by Image Cut, the Web site will improve rating and the images can be loaded more faster than which don't used it.

Split Image into Parts from Website

The Pros from Users

This was the easiest to use of several that I tried. It seemed the most intuitive to me. Optimizes each cut for file type (JPG, GIF, etc), allows cut to be specified as IMG or background image. Project file is human readable.

-James Hardy

The program is good in that it does do all the legwork once the user decides where cuts are to be made - including the best file type for the individual pieces.

-Paul Kevin

This software is so good for me that after i used the Image Cut, the website rating become more better and is good for the search engine, and make the site design more faster.

-Tina Honemain
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