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Super Surveillance Software to Guard Security

Security Monitor Pro is widely utilized as a control of IP cameras and Webcams, which record videos and take photos. It can control up to 32 cams with different settings. Also, there is "hidden mode" which allows you to run the program invisibly.

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Product OverViews

Product Overviews

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Mainspring of a Full Video Security System

Security Monitor Pro can be used as a safety guard. When emergency like thieves breaking into your store happens, these people can be sensed. Then the software will sound an alarm or send you an email on the basis of setting.

Motion-triggered Recorder

This feature can prevent the hard disk from being wasted. You can set rules for each cams individually and only when actions are detected can the recording process get started.

Automatically Upload Videos and Photos

You do even have to get access to the computer in which Security Monitor Pro has been installed. When Security Monitor Pro is connected to the internet, the things it records will be transmitted to an FTP server. Or, you can directly see them on a website.

Manage the Cameras

View FTP Uploaded Files

FAQ about Security Monitor Pro

Can I monitor my home when I was out at work but not the whole day

Yes. You can create a schedule for the camera, then in a certain period of time during the day, your home will be protected.

Can Security Monitor Pro fit my Webcam

Yes, of course. Virtually, it is suitable for all Webcams and supports over 2000 IP camera models.

Can I get a lower price

Yes. Check IfCoupons out, and we offer you a large number of coupons.

I want to take photos of our daily lives and make a slideshow, could I do that

Yes, but you'll need anther software, Slideshow Maker, which is also on discount.

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