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Formidable Streaming Audio Recording Tool

SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder facilitates users to record audios from your computer including the internet radio webcasts, the broadcasts or more by a strong and special kernel driver.

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Main Features of SoundTab

Record Radio on Computer

There may be a brilliant voice pop up when you are listening radio on the internet, then SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder will help you capture this beautiful voice. However, under the FCC regulations, the radio station that you choose need to log all broadcasts. And this software is suitable for all media players such as Real Audio, Windows Media Player, Blu-ray Player, QuickTime and more.

Convert Audio into Various formats

All of the audio files can be saved on computer in MP3 or WAV format with no data loss. In addition, just one click to convert the recordings from DS2 to WAV and MP3.

Record the VoIP

If you need to host and record an very important conference or VoIP, the SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder will be your best choice. It enables you to record all sound from mix microphone, Express Talk, Skype, etc.

Find and Play Recordings

The Setting of SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder


How could I record the music?

You can purchase, install and launch SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder on computer. Then play your music on computer by media player, and open the feature of recording of SoundTad, it will start to record your music.

Can I use if for an audio player?

No, this can just convert and record your audio, if you want to listen to the audio files, you can purchase some other media players.

Is there the Mac version of it?

Yes, SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder supports both Windows and Mac version.

Can I convert the audio files into other formats except MP3 and WAV?

No, but you can buy other software about audio converter with coupons at IfCoupons.

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