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A Reliable Surveillance System Driver

WebCam Monitor is a camera control application with multiple functions. It offers you the choice to trigger audio recording, video taking and photo shooting by motion or sound.

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Main Features of WebCam Monitor

Automatic Recording

When motion/sound is detected or at regular intervals, an event can be triggered. That is to say, if you preset it, the software will watch your home or office. You can log daily life, and further, create a home movie.

Alarm System

WebCam Monitor can also be used as an alerter. When the events mentioned above happen, it may sound an audible alarm or flash the screen. Even if you are nowhere near the computer, the program will send an email or a message if you prefer.

Hidden Security Monitor System

You can simply run WebCam Monitor in the background. Then no one will know their behaviors are recorded. When there is unusual activity, the videos will be uploaded to a FTP service, which can be utilized as evidence. Or, you can just watch it on a website.

Trigger WebCam Monitor by Motion

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FAQ about WebCam Monitor

Does normal family need such a program?

Yes. Not only enterprises or stores but also homes stand a chance to be intruded. WebCam Monitor can keep your family off harm's way.

Is a lower price available?

Yes. IfCoupons offer you the lowest price. You can get access to other software too. Check it out.

Is it hard to set up? I have this difficulty with electronic products.

No, it is nothing hard. Use the configuration wizard and all can be easily done.

Will the files fill up my computer?

No. The auto delete function allows you to keep only the last few videos or audios.

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