The Advantages of iPhone Data Recovery Compare to iTunes & iCloud

"All the data in my iPhone 5s is lost after upgrading to iOS 8. The photos, contacts, call logs, messages in it are so important to me. Is there any way for me to restore all the lost data?" Losing or deleting data accidentally and unexpectedly from iPhone is quite a disaster. When encountering these situations, don't be nervous, you can get them back before they are overwritten. Here are three tools for you to recover the lost or deleted files. 

1.Restore from iTunes Backups

As iPhone users, you must be familiar with iTunes. Every time you connect your device to the computer, iTunes will launch and sync with it automatically. The data stored in the phone will be automatically backed up in iTunes as well. Therefore, if you've saved the data in iTunes before, you can also restore them from the backups.   

Retrieve Data from iTunes

Note: For each backup file, there is a time display next to it, which informs you when you saved it in iTunes. If the data you lost is created after backing up, then you will not able to get it back from iTunes.  

2.Retrieve from iCloud Backups

When you apply an account and sign in iCloud, you automatically get 5 GB of free storage, which is used for iOS device backup. With iCloud, you can back up your device over Wi-Fi while it's turned on, locked and connected to a power source. Once unintended deleted content from iPhone, you can also restore them from iCloud backups.

Restore File from iCloud Backups

Note: If you run out of space, you need to pay for more storage. Besides,if you haven't log in iCloud account and manage the data for three months, Apple company has the right to erase your iCloud backups.   

ATTENTION: In case you forget to back up the data before losing it, don't sync your phone with iTunes or iCloud, because, both of them will cover the phone with the former backups, then you will permanently lose all the data stored in your iPhone right now! 

To avoid the inconvenience brought by iTunes and iCloud, here is another program you can turn to:

3.iPhone Data Recovery

An incredible data recovering tool specializes in backing up and restoring content from iOS devices. It provides you with three modes to get data back: restore directly from iDevice, recover from iTunes and retrieve from iCloud backups. You can flexibly switch the three modes in case you lost your iPhone, iTunes can't recognize your device or forget iCloud account password. Moreover, you can scan and preview the lost or deleted files before retrieving it and for just a while, the scanning result will be listed by categories.


1. Unlike iTunes and iCloud, iPhone Data Recovery allows you both to back up data and recover a specific deleted file without covering or erasing the existing data stored in your phone which having not been backed up yet.

2. iPhone Data Recovery supports backup and restoration for various data types, including media files, contacts, messages, notes, safari bookmarks and etc,much more than iCloud.

3. Forget to back up the data with iTunes and iCloud, iPhone Data Recovery enables you to retrieve the lost data directly from iDevice.

4. No storage capacity limited.

When losing some important and precious data, we often feel regret not backing up them in advance. In order to prevent this "disaster", you'd better do back up with the software regularly. If some iPhone users around you are facing the trouble like unfortunately losing data, you can also get them out of trouble by recommending iPhone Data Recovery to them.

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