Introduce Easy Partition Manager

All of us must have various data, the collection of photos, videos, music, data packets for instance, stored on PC or laptop, haven't you? Well, undoubtedly. As the data grows, you may get confused and feel more difficult when searching for a particular document. In the meantime, the space of hard drive becomes so insufficient that the drive's speed slows down. You know, to get the most from your computer, you need to get the most from your hard drive. That is, it is vital that you deal with all the data stored in computer with Partition Manager software, which helps you to organize and resize your drive, restore and back up your information, along with recovering and cloning data files. Introduction of four brands of Partition Manager highly recommend is as follows.  

1.Stellar Partition Manager

Professional Stellar Partition Manager

Efficient software allows you to manage Mac hard drive through creating, deleting, resizing, formatting, hiding and revealing partitions without causing data loss. Its meticulous partition operations also support you to roll back any unwanted changes before committing the action. You can create a bootable DVD that could be used to perform partition on the boot drive. It's advisable to back up all your important data before you perform the tasks it provides. 

2.EaseUS Partition Master


EaseUS Partition Master

Disk management software helps you create, delete, move, merge, split, wipe or format partitions to make better use of hard drive capacity. You can extend NTFS system partition without rebooting to maximize PC performance. Copy partitions file-by-file and clone entire hard disk without Windows reinstallation are also allowed. Additionally, the built-in Partition Recovery Wizard empowers you to retrieve deleted or lost partitions in two modes: Automatic recovery mode and Manual mode. 

3.AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager 

Apart from some basic partition managing functions, Dynamic Disk Manager enables you to shrink dynamic volume to maximize disk space usage, move slice to generate contiguous unallocated space behind C drive and change drive letter and volume label for easier recognition. You can also convert disks from one to another without data loss and secure. It's not necessary to worry about how to use the Dynamic Disk Manager, for it provides you with Step-by-Step Wizard as guidance.  

4.AOMEI Partition Assistant


Useful AOMEI Partition Assistant

A variety of tools and user-friendly interface provided, you can easily create, resize, move, merge, and split partitions to maximize disk space use without losing data. Along with the number of application installations and data volume increase day by day, your computer gradually moves slower and lower. The built-in Extend Partition Wizard will help you enlarge partition capacity just by some clicks. Furthermore, AOMEI Partition Assistant also enables you to migrate OS between MBR disk and GPT disk, or migrate system on GPT/MBT to SSD.

Partitioning is an effective way to speed up defragmentation by dividing your hard drive into several compartments for storing data in order to optimize the hard drive's ability to search for specific files in an efficient and safe way. With partition manager software, you can handle all basic and advanced hard disk needs. Why not get one now? 

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