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Before I wrote my thesis, I need to read some references online. Many of them are pdf files.  Every time when I want to mark some useful quotes in the pdf file, yet pitifully, I wasn't allowed to do so. If I want to redact a block of text, I need to pay $350 to Adobe. It's really a large amount of money for me. But the show up of PDF Editor removes my worries and helps me tackle this difficulty. Here are two professional PDF Editors: Wondershare PDF Editor and iSkysoft PDF Editor. More details about these two software are as follows.

1.Wondershare PDF Editor

An outstanding PDF editor enables you to create, edit, convert and sign industry-standard PDF files.

Wondershare PDF Editor

I've used this software for couple years. Its interface is very clear for beginner and it has some excellent features that I want to introduce:

Main features of Wondershare PDF Editor

1)Recognize text from scanned, image-based PDF files and edit practically anything like text, font sizes, images and more in PDF files.

2)Automatically reflow paragraphs. When finishing adding, deleting your text, or dragging to resize the paragraph box, you can watch the paragraph automatically reflow to reflect the changes you've done.

3)Empower you to edit a scanned PDF file or across several PDFs at once to create a new one.

4)Support multiple languages, that is besides English, you can have other language versions like German, French, Italian,   Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and so forth.

2.iSkysoft PDF Editor

A powerful and useful PDF editing software supports you open, edit and save PDF files. It also allows you to change text, fonts, photos as a normal word processing software. 

iSkysoft PDF Editor

The interface and main outstanding features of iSkysoft PDF Editor are below:

Clear Interface of iSkysoft PDF Editor

1)Convert PDF files into format like Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc just by one click.

2)Encrypt your PDF file with password. If you want to individualize your PDF documents, you can add watermark or bookmark. To prevent plagiarizing or unwillingly editing, you can encode it as well.

3)Find and replace text just by several clicks. Once you realize a word is misspelled throughout your text, or you have to update a phrase, you can search your entire PDF document and correct every instance at a time.

4)Highlight and mark up files. A suite of tools for marking purpose is available in iSkysoft PDF Editor. With it, you can underline, strikethrough, add sticky note, clouds to the text to call attention.

As you can see, these two PDF editors are so outstanding and professional, I guess you may have decision on choosing the more suitable one, isn't it?  Don't hesitate to bring one home and hope it can do you a big favor during work.

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