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Recently, I was intended to convert a book in Microsoft Word format into a flip book for convenient reading. However, after quantities of trials, I still cannot find a suitable way. Among the programs I used, some of them did not support Word input documents. Others did not meet my demands of setting passwords. Later, I occasionally knew Kvisoft FlipBook Maker, and smoothly finished the convert.

Kvisoft FlipBook Maker

Features of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker

1. Decorative Templates to Beautify the Magazine
As the interface shows, there are built-in templates for more perfect edit. Templates are sorted out as theme, float, and normal. You can choose an appropriate template such as car, crystal, and classic to decorate the magazine.

Decorative Templates

2. Complete Settings to Embellish Your Work
When it comes to the settings, Kvisoft FlipBook Maker has Main Settings, Advanced Settings, Brand Settings, and Button Settings as well. You can set passwords to protect your copyright. Background and sound can also be modified in Main Settings. Further edit can be finished in Advanced Settings such as Page Properties, Search, Auto Play, and Reflection. Brand Settings lets you have approach to add an image as a logo of your magazine. Last, you can amend your book by Button Settings including Play& Stop, Zoom in & Zoom out, and so on.

Complete Settings

3. User-Considerate Design
Although there are great quantity of setting items, operation is extremely simple. Interface is well-designed. It is so intuitive and clear that you can find items with ease. The whole program is user-friendly and considerate. For users from different countries, various language versions are available embracing English, French, Japanese, and so on.

User-Considerate Design

4. Preview Supported Before Publishing
Magazine can be previewed on HTML (HTML 5 Based), phone (HTML 5 Based), and pad (HTML 5 Based). Screen can be zoomed it in and out. With the overview of the book, you can find out problems before publishing your magazine,and edit.

Preview Supported

5. All Sorts of Input & Output Formats Available
The program accepts all kinds of input formatted documents, including images, SWF, flash videos, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It supports various output formats, such as HTML (flash based), Mobile (Based HTML 5), Standalone SWF, EXE, APP, Screen Saver. Registered users can also make the magazine support mobile device. After publishing, you can even compress your book to zip. As for HTML setting, you are allowed to edit title, keywords, description, and scrip. Besides Batch Publish, magazines can also be published as video. This characteristic stands Kvisoft Flipbook Maker out from other like products.

Output Formats

With the overview of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker, do you consider it a helpful assistance? Our program is trusted by millions users. A trial will prove that Kvisoft Flipbook Maker deserves your trust and support.

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