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Imagine it, your first big presentation in an architecture company is coming tomorrow, and you've got PDFs of the proposal, which contains critical information like construction budget, engineer's report, construction scale and plan, etc. However, the day before, you were informed by the vendor that more detailed and specific architectural drawings are needed. Moreover, the duration for presentation should be cut off for they have another conference. Therefore, you have to revise the PDF files. God always crack a joke on us: you forget the password and can't open the file, let alone to revise it. This will be really a disaster. Fortunately, all of the above is just imaginary, but we should look ahead and be ready to handle it if it happens. The article aims at introducing three common and practical A-PDF Tools: Page Cut, Merger and Password Security. Let's check it one by one.

  1. A-PDF Page Cut

Cut PDF Files into Pages

The program enables you to break PDF documents pages of different sizes into multiple and smaller pieces in a unified look. With its visual cut marks editor, you just need to place the cut marks (vertical or horizontal cut lines) on the PDF page right where you want, then the software will cut them into each slice based on the marks automatically. If you found cutting the wrong page, redo it is allowed. 


A-PDF Page Cut Interface

2.A-PDF Merger 

Combine PDF Documents into One with A-PDF Merger

When finished the former paragraph, you may grasp how to cut PDF pages. This part will talk about how to merge pages into one. A-PDF Merger, as its literal meaning, helps you combine several PDF files into one single document and it can also work with password-protected PDF files. Furthermore, images in popular formats as well as Microsoft Office Document formats are able to be converted and added into a PDF file. Plus, five merge methods are offered: Whole, Part, Mix, Mix reverse and Repeat. 


How to Merge PDF Files

3.A-PDF Password Security 

Encryp PDF Files with A-PDF Password Security

The software empowers you to set standard password security: 40-bit RC4 encryption supported by Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or above, while 128-bit RC4 supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above, so as to prevent your PDF documents from being printed, copied, revised and more. You can also remove the password from protected files. If you forget the password, you will get a password prompt to open the document. Besides, with A-PDF password Security, you are able to edit and modify the PDFs metadata, title, subject, keywords for instance.


Security Setting

No matter you are working in a company or studying at university, you must need to use PDF files. To tackle all problems which may appear when you using PDF documents, the above three tools may be your best solutions. Hurry to try them right now! If you want to know more about PDF software, you can add our Facebook or Google+

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