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For almost all commuters, we don't have much time to enjoy a movie being on at the cinema, because of burdensome work during weekday, even weekend now and then. But as a big fan of movie, I have no choice but to watch movies from numerous websites. However, another problem appears, once the internet connection doesn't work, hope dashes to pieces. Therefore, every time before I watch movies, I may download them on my devices so that I can watch them anywhere anytime, regardless of the internet connection. Here are three top video downloader software I want to recommend: Bigasoft Video Downloader, iSkysoft iTube Studio and iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac. 

1.Bigasoft Video Downloader

Professional Video Downloader 
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Bigasoft Video Downloader enables you to download fabulous films from various websites just by some simple clicks and at high speed. Even some movies, not allowed to download as copyright limitation, can also be downloaded with Bigasoft Video Downloader. Moreover, freely editing the visual files' quality types was supported as well.

2.iSkysoft iTube Studio

Useful Downloader for Videos
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iSkysoft iTube Studio helps you to view a FLV file offline and convert it into a variety of formats that work well with and can be stored on your mobile devices. HD and HQ videos from dozens of sites are assessable, what you should do is to specify the URL of your needed films from the net, then click the "Download" button. In a short, you can enjoy the fascinating movies.

3.iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac

Excellent Video Downloader for Mac
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This version is particularly for Mac users. It's professional yet easy-to-use software which supports you to download visual files from website you like, for example YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and so forth. The coolest thing is that it can play incomplete document, that is video can be downloaded when you are watching it.

The video downloaders mentioned above are very useful and excellent. Don't hesitate to choose the one meets your need. If you want to know more software coupons discount, you can click in the IfCoupons home page.

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