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IfCoupons Picks Wondershare PDF Converter

Wondershare PDF Converter

Wondershare PDF to Word Converter

Wondershare PDF to Word Converter

iSkysoft PDF Converter

iSkysoft PDF Converter

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Original Price $79.95 $29.95 $79.95
Discount Price $63.96 $23.96 $55.97
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Basic Information
Size 85.0 MB 11.4 MB 10.6 MB
Developer WondershareWondershareiSkysoft
System Requirement Windows 8.1(32bit)/8/7/XP/VistaWindows 8/7/XP/VistaWindows 8/7/Vista/XP
Latest Version
Key Feature
Support OCR No
Multiple Conversion Files No
Combine PDF Files into One Unknown
Formats to Convert
Excel; PowerPoint; HTML No
Image (JPG; PNG; GIF; BMP) No No

Editor's Opionion on PDF Converter

Why We Need PDF Converter?

"Holy crap! One of my business partners wants to cooperate with us on our new project and he attached the proposal as a PDF format. The problem is: I haven’t installed a PDF reader so I have no access to read the detail. Any help? Is there any software or something that can help me change the PDF file into other format that I can read? Thanks in advance. "

This is a common case and I am sure that most of you have faced the similar problem. And this kind of software called PDF Converter can with no doubt help us convert our PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and so on. It becomes more and more inevitable for us on work especially.

Highlights: PDF Converter – Easy - Operating Software with Coupon Price

"It seems not that convincing if I boast how excellent this PDF converter works. OK. Here I will quote some sentence that our customers told to us:

I faced this annoying situation that the system kept telling me that I don’t have a PDF reader installed on my computer so I can’t read the PDF file. When I searched on the Internet, I found many guides instruct us to convert PDF on our own. But, most of them are complex and at that time, I found the PDF Converters. All the three converters mentioned above works perfectly with simple steps. And guess what, they helped me convert PDF files to multiple formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and so on. And also, the interface looks neat and I easily understood how to operate it. Last but not least, when I typed in Wondershare PDF Converter, I found IfCoupons which shows multiple software which are on sales, including the one I just typed. And I chose one of the PDF Converter satisfies me the most that listed in the category. It indeed helps me out and saves me money. A lot of thanks to you."

After reviewing the detail info of the three PDF converters at a discount, I believe that you have made a choice on your own according to your need. Which did you choose? Leave us comments below to share which feature you value the most. Or, you can also follow Facebook and Google+ to keep an eye on the latest coupons that released.

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